Thursday, July 29, 2010

if i only had a brain

It's Thursday afternoon. But it's one of those weeks that felt like it should be Friday by about 2pm on Tuesday. Late nights. Long decks. Meeting after meeting. Deadline after deadline. A to-do-list as long as my leg. But, after a 9am-1:30pm client meeting, I'm finally back to my desk, ready to dive in and all my mind will do is wander. So since I can't concentrate, neither can you, my imaginary friend/reader! Welcome to the space that should be my brain . . .
  • I have a bird's eye view of the patio at Sixteen, the chic restaurant/bar in the middle of Trump Tower. And I can't help but wonder. . . who are the people always sitting out there in the middle of the day, sipping cocktails (that's, at least, what I'm assuming), without a care in the world? And where can I apply for their job?
  • I wonder if Craig from the Bachelorette ever gets confused for Peyton Manning?
  • And while we're on it, what's with this new influx of Bachelor-themed E! specials and 20/20s? And why are they on every cover of every trashy magazine? I mean, holy Bachelor overload! (Even for me.)
  • If everything continues to heal well, I'll be boot-free as of Monday, August 9th at 8am! I wonder how many days/weeks before I can run again. Or, better yet, wear heels. :)
  • I would seriously consider buying a Hug-Me-Pillow, if it didn't seem so, well, heebie-jeebies-creep-me-out-strange. But, seriously, what's better than snuggling!? Even if it's with a disembodied arm.
  • My favorite part of Chad (Ocho Cinco) Johnson's new dating show, cleverly titled "The Ultimate Catch", has to be the presence of Bernard Berrian in a host-like capacity. Especially since Chad's nickname for him is B-Twice. I mean, I want a B-Twice in my life! I'm thinking I may have to nickname my best buddy, Brooke, B-Trice. Get it? Best Buddy Brooke. I can't wait to tell her. She'll be thrilled. (Pretty typical reaction to most of my 'awesome' ideas.)
  • Why is it that no matter how many times you check and double-check the technology you're using before a big meeting, something inevitably goes wrong in the IT department? This can't just be coincidence.
  • I'm planning a trip to Greece in the next year. There, I said it. (Isn't there some stat about goals being more likely to be accomplished if you write them down? I'm banking on it.)
  • How in the world did I become so addicted to and Chelsea Handler? Both are usually a little vulgar. A little inappropriate. And make me a bit embarrassed, but I love 'em.
Okay, back to life. Back to reality. Hopefully my brain will cooperate.

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