Friday, March 11, 2011

spring forward

Here I was having a pretty productive day. Reveling in the fact that it's Friday. It's sunny outside. And I'm out of here at 5 o'clock on the dot to head to Indy for a great weekend.

Then this email happened.

To: Everyone
From: Announcements
Subject: Daylight Savings Time

Remember that Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday, Mar 13 at 2:00am. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour.

Daylight Savings Time will end on Sunday, Nov 6.

Which prompted this gchat exchange.

Brooke: Oh liz! This is spring forward weekend haha
we just had one of these like in Oct
bad news is we lose an hour
me: i had NO CLUE it was coming up so quickly again
Brooke: haha i heard through the grapevine
me: this is not the type of news that can just be casually passed through the grapevine!!
come on, people!
Brooke: you would think after 5 years of living here it would catch on haha
me: and yet it gets me every time
sneaky sneaky DST
Brooke: hahaha

Give me a break! How many of these things can one girl handle in a year? (Well, two, it would seem.)


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