Monday, May 3, 2010

team big

So I just purchased my ticket for Sex and the City 2. I'll probably tell most people it's because opening night just so happens to fall on my friend Dana's birthday and who am I to stand in the way of her b-day wish to go see it with the gaggle of gals? But, honestly, the girlie girl in me (however small a percentage she makes up) can't wait to see it! Can't wait to be reunited with the foursome. Can't wait to see what's in store for Carrie and Big now that happily ever after has begun. Can't wait to see Aiden step back into the scene.

Aiden. Mr. Perfect. Mr. Available. Mr. Never-Quite-What-Carrie-Really-Wanted.

So seeing him again, even if just in the previews, makes me wonder all over again which one I wish Carrie would have ended up with. . . Well, at least for a split second. Who am I kidding? I loved Big. Loved him all along. Loved him every time he called Carrie 'kid'. Loved him when he couldn't commit. Loved him even when he went and married Natasha. And, boy, you better believe I loved him when he eventually chased Carrie down in Paris.

There's not much doubt that Aiden is pretty much perfect. That he would be the perfect boyfriend to Carrie. But is perfect annoying? Does perfect always (or even ever) equal perfect-for-you?

And then there's Big. He's pretty much a disaster when it comes to relationships and committing and feelings and everything that makes for a perfect boyfriend. He's Mr. Wrong. Mr. Can't Commit. Mr. Unreliable. Mr. Shithead-who-you-can't-help-but-fall-for for some reason. He couldn't be further from Mr. Perfect. But could he possibly be Mr. Perfect-for-Carrie?

Sure, I always adored Aiden. Adored him the way you adore your best guy friend. You think they deserve the most amazing girl in the world. As long as that's not you. But Big? I always had a thing for Big. Sure, Carrie was a fool because she did a lot of waiting around for him. She was a fool to have an affair with him. She was a fool to always come back to him after everything he put her through. She was a fool to believe he'd ever love her. Until he did. And she wasn't.

Hard to argue with that.

In fact, I'm getting my Team Big shirt made right now. . .

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