Friday, January 21, 2011

jerseys are becoming my cats

I was seriously considering purchasing another Colts jersey... when I had to stop myself, assess the situation and decide against it. I have two jerseys already. (Well, three, if you count the fact that I actually have two Peyton Manning jerseys - one that's a men's small and another that's a kid's large because I got sick of swimming in the men's one.) So, as much as I want a Dallas Clark or Jeff Saturday jersey. And as much as I can try to justify it by saying that my Sanders jersey is bad luck. Or mine are all blue and I need a home one. When it comes down to it I, as a 27-year-old girl, do not need another jersey. Because if I get another one, when will it stop?

I think jerseys could end up becoming my cats.

You know, as a single girl, one may be okay. Two, even, if you really like 'em. But once you start getting more and more, you're just on your way to quickly becoming the cat (er, in this case, jersey) lady.

And there's no coming back from that.

7:25PM Correction:
I have 3 (technically 4) jerseys. How could I forget about my Indiana Hoosiers football jersey!? No one (and I mean no one) in their right might needs one of those.

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