Tuesday, October 5, 2010

new apartment resolutions

I love New Year's resolutions. I mean really love love 'em. It's really a shame that they only come around once a year. . . but then I wondered why does that have to be the rule? Isn't it more about a starting over anyway? January 1st just seems like the best time to do this. But I, for one, am looking for any excuse to make a list of things to try. Things to be better at. Things to accomplish. So I? I am making my New Apartment Resolutions. Because now seems like as good a time as any. And, basically, because I can. Here we go.

I'm going to be more responsible with my money. I will put down that adorable sweater at The Gap that I "just can't live without" and I will walk away. I repeat. I will walk away. Even if it's on sale.

I'm going to travel more. (Which I realize may fly a bit in the face of my aforementioned resolution, but I'd argue that a trip to Greece - or even to visit Lynnie in D.C - is a much more responsible decision than a shopping spree at Niketown. Even if I think those new kicks will increase my mile time by a couple seconds.)

I'm going to learn how to make coffee in a real, live coffee pot. I'm determined to. I wish this was a joke, but unfortunately it's not. I'm 27 and don't know how to make coffee. (I guess this means I was one of the lucky ones who actually learned something during their summer internship beyond making photocopies and cleaning out the coffee pot.)

I'm going to plan a little less. Live in the moment a little more. (Deep breath.) I'm looking at you, to-do list.

I'm going to floss everyday. Every. Single. Day. I'm always so good for the first couples weeks after visiting the dentist, but somewhere it becomes less and less of a daily occurrence. Which, let's face it, is just plain icky.

I'm going to learn how to golf. Now, granted, this has been on this resolution list before, but a pesky little spiral fracture got in the way of my lessons. And after a somewhat embarrassing 18 holes at a work event in August, I'm even more determined.

I'm going to stop picking every single scab on my body. (Gross, I know, but I can't help it!) I tend to fall more than the average person. Which leads to a more than average number of scabs and, eventually, scars. As I've said before, healing is a pretty amazing process. That is, if you actually let it happen.

I'm going to allow myself to not have it all figured out. To fail. To not have the answer. Instead of always beating myself up about it. I
think this is one of the worst parts about me. Having perfectionist tendencies does a person well when it comes to things like resumes and job interviews. But it's not practical for the real world. Failure is not something to be feared. It's something to be learned from. Now, I've just got to convince myself to believe that.

So, that's it for now. New apartment. New Apartment resolutions. (Hopefully) a new-and-improved me in the near future.

Now if my new kitchen table would just be delivered, I'd be all set.

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